Call for Poster / Exhibition

Travel Grant

Travel Grant application has been closed.
Thank you for your submission!

Abstract Submission

Abstract Submission has been closed.
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Poster Presentation

Application Requirements for the Poster Presentation

At Gender Summit10 (GS10), we are pleased to announce a call for proposals for the poster session.

1. Specifications for the Poster Presentation

  • Standard specifications
    Size: Width 900mm and height 2100mm / partition (poster panel)
    •  * A table (width 1.8m) is available (application required) in two adjacent standard partitions (poster panels).
    •  * For the booth exhibition, please see the Outline of the Invitation for the Booth Exhibition.
  • The poster is free form

2. Presentation Form

  • To be presented in the coffee break site, etc., throughout the session
  • Poster session on the second day of GS10 (120 minutes)

3. Language

English (or both English and Japanese)
 * Interpreters will not be provided.

4. Presentation Cost, etc.

  • The presentation cost is free.
     *  At least one registration for GS10 as an presenter to explain the poster is required.
  • The presenter will pay the cost of producing the poster.

5. Application Method

After entering the following information on the predetermined form on the Gender Summit website, click “Register”:

  • Applicant information [Name of the applicant (an individual or organization), name of the affiliated organization (if the applicant is an individual), and means of communication]
  • Title of the poster
  • Categories on the exhibition
    Research【Choose the closest theme from the following】
    1. Benefits from Women's Participation for Science, Technology and Innovation
    2. Developing Evaluation Methods for Diversity in Research
    3. Gender Dimensions in Sport
    4. Promotion of Gender Equality by Improving Access and Use of Researcher Database
    5. Equal Opportunities for Women & Men in STEM Education
    6. Gender Equality from Perspective of Men and Boys
    7. Other Research
    General Information
  • Desired number of partitions
  • Short Abstract (If you chose “Research Introduction”, in the section above)
     * Less than 300 words. Submission of a full-page abstract (1-2 pages, A4 size) will be requested for those who receive acceptances.
  • Requests, etc.
     * Based on the application content, we may ask for an oral presentation on the day of the GS10.

6. Application Period

  • November 28 (Mon.), 2016 to January 16 (Mon.), 2017
    •  * The result of review is to be reported on February 15 (Wed.), 2017.
  • The Deadline of Abstract Submission has been postponed to February 28 (Tue.), 2017.
    •  * The result of review is to be reported on March 29 (Wed.), 2017.

Booth Exhibition

Booth Exhibition application has been closed.
Thank you for your application!