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Research Directors/Research Themes

Research Directors and Research Themes

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Research Directors (Adopted FY2005)
【Completed Research】

Hybrid Simulations of Complex Liquid-solid Interfaces at Nano, Meso, and Micro Range-scales

Professor, Nagoya Institute of Technology

Construction of Nano-Architecture Based on Computational Quantum Theoretical Science

Professor, The University of Tokyo

Global Cloud Resolving Model Simulations toward Numerical Weather Forecasting in the Tropics

Masaki SATOH
Team Leader, Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology

Theoretical Studies of the Charge Transfer Mechanisms in Biological Systems with QM (MRSCI+DFT)/MM methods

Toshikakzu TAKADA
Coordinator, RIKEN
【Research term: 1 Oct., 2005 - 31 Mar., 2009】

Advanced Model Development and Simulations for Disaster Countermeasures

Program Director, Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology

A Program System with Hierarchical Quantum Chemical Methods for Accurate Calculations of Biological Molecules

Seiichiro TEN-NO
Professor, Kobe University

Simulations and Dynamics for Nanoscale and Biological Systems

Kimihiko HIRAO
Special Advisor, Advanced Science Institute, RIKEN

Integrated Predictive Simulation System for Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster

Mitsuhiro MATSU'URA
Project Professor, Institute of Statistical Mathematics

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Research Directors (Adopted FY2006)
【Completed Research】

Multi-scale Simulation of Condensed-phase Reacting Systems
- Developing Coarse-Graining Theory and Reconstruction Method of Large-scale Atomic Data -

Masataka NAGAOKA
Professor, Nagoya University

Scale interaction and large-scale variation of the ocean circulation

Hiroyasu HASUMI
Associate Professor, The University of Tokyo

Framework Development for Multiscale and Multiphysics Simulations toward Novel Applications of Superconductivity

Masahiko MACHIDA
Principal Scientist, Japan Atomic Energy Agency

Research and Development of DDS Simulator

Masuhiro MIKAMI
Senior Research Scientist, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)

Simulation of Complexes Molecular Systems Utilizing Hybrid Molecular Theories

Research Leader, Kyoto University

Marine Environmental Simulation Study for Future Projection of Marine Ecosystems

Professor, Hokkaido University

Multi-scale Simulations for Soft Matters

Professor, Kyoto University

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Research Directors (Adopted FY2007)

Highly accurate Order(N) computational method for gigantic systems and material design for nano-bio systems

Yuriko AOKI
Professor, Kyushu University

High-accuracy hierarchical and many-body schemes for materials simulations

Masatoshi IMADA
Professor, The University of Tokyo

Multi-scale plasma particle simulation for the development of interplanetary flight system

Hideyuki Usui
Professor, Kobe University

Hierarchical Modeling of Interactions Among Biomolecules

Associate Professor, The University of Tokyo

'Realizing super-accurate predictions and giant-molecular designs: breakthrough of frontiers of quantum chemistry with innovative methodologies in computational science

Director, Quantum Chemistry Research Institute

Simulation for Predicting Quake-Proof Capability of Nuclear Power Plants

Professor, The University of Tokyo

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