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Research Supervisor


Director and Professor, Center for Computational Mechanics Research, Toyo University

Solicited in the present research area are proposals which cover those of high-accuracy and high-resolution solution methodologies employing cutting edge high-speed/high-capacity computing environments and detailed modeling for science and engineering, in which multiple phenomena affect each other expecting peta-flops supercomputers of the near future.

The proposals may include ,for example, those of global environmental changes, predictions of weather and disasters, evaluations of integrity and safety of artifacts, simulations for the design and virtual manufacturing of industrial products, detailed analyses of nano-level material behavior, invivo structures of protein and behavior of pharmacological agents, modeling in which phenomena include unknown control factors or uncertainty or scales differ extremely, research on integrated numerical analysis methods, research on methods of evaluating the validity/reliability of results for models and input data, and so on.

The projects adopted in FY 2005 are all world leading ones covering such a wide range of areas as quantum chemistry, surface/interface science, nano and bioinformatics, geophysics.

Regarding the FY2006, we welcome excellent proposals that concrete and visible results are expected with applications to the real world and have frameworks for the continued self-sustaining and long-term growth of the resulted software after the researches end. Welcomed also are proposals, which stimulate close cooperation between specialists in different fields and overseas researchers.

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