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Outline of the Research Area

Strategic Sectors

Outline of The Research Area

(Team Type Research (CREST))

"High Performance Computing for Multi-scale and Multi-physics Phenomena"

Research Supervisor: Genki YAGAWA

Director and Professor, Center for Computational Mechanics Research, Toyo University

Research area in the strategic sector

"Development of next-generation high-accuracy and high-resolution simulation technology“

Outline of Research Area

Eligible research projects will be those of high-grade and large-scale software, intended for simulation of multi-scale & multi-physics phenomena, based on computer environments (including grids) of over Tera-flops . Special emphasis placed on whether or not the research is of a world-leading nature, unique in terms of concept and idea and effective in its applications. From the view of reliability of the solutions,we expect to have research projects with due consideration to evaluation & verification of accuracy of the solutions, intended for high efficiency of large-scale input/output data handling and improved processing speed & better cost performance. We will also welcome proposals with full applicability to industry and real society, and framework which enables the developed software to grow autonomously after the funded period. We invite field-fusing & area-fusing research which encourages joint proposals by experts of different fields or with overseas advanced groups, and close cooperation with experimentalists, theoreticians as well as experts of informatics & computational science, etc. In this case, the judgment on selection will be made in consideration of whether the proposal has sufficient ties among various researchers.

Research Supervisor's Opinions on Public Invitation and Selection

In the case where a proposal of research is made with a pre-condition of utilizing the Earth Simulator (hereinafter referred to as ES) operated by Independent Administrative Institution, Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC), it is requested to describe, in the "Research concept" of the proposal form, the contents of simulation which are realizable only with utilization of ES and the reason for the necessity of the use of ES. Furthermore, in the case where the proposal of research concerned is picked up as an object of selection by interview, we may request the documents necessary for examining aptitude for utilization of ES. A proposal eventually adopted as research theme with the utilization of ES is considered to be granted utilization of ES without additional selection process. It is noted, however, that the utilization of ES written in the proposal of research does not affect the selection process itself.

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