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Japan-Argentina Workshop“Bioscience and Biotechnology for the Promotion of Agriculture and Food Production”
-August 3rd to 7th 2009- At Buenos Aires, Argentina


Japan-Argentina Workshop“Bioscience and Biotechnology for the Promotion of Agriculture and Food Production”

Monday 3 rd August
Photo(Monday, August 3)
09:00-09:10 hs  Opening Ceremony
Lic. Monica Silenzi - International Relations National Directress
09:10-09:20 hs  Greetings from the ambassador of Japanese embassy
Emb. Hitohiro Ishida
09:20-09:45 hs  Presentation of the National Agency for the Promotion of Science and Technology
Dr. Armando Bertranou - President of the Agency
09:45-10:10 hs  Introduction of Argentinean S&T policy
Dra. Ruth Ladenheim-Secretary of Planning and Science, Technology and Productive Innovation Policy
10:10-10:45 hs  Presentation of Japan Science and Technology Agency
(Including brief introduction of Japanese S&T policy)
Mr. Yuji Kato - Manager, Department of International Affairs, JST
10:45-10:50 hs  Presentation of the Argentinean delegation
Dr. Alejandro Mentaberry (head of the Argentinean delegation)
10:50-10:55 hs  Presentation of the Japanese delegation
Dr. Atsuhiko Shinmyo (head of the Japanese delegation)
10:55-11:10 hs  Coffee Break

First Session:  Area: Plant Biotechnology
11:10-11:35 hs  Application of metagenomic approaches to soil management and microbial gene prospection in Argentine soils.
Dr. Alejandro Mentaberry
Abstract: Dr. Alejandro Mentaberry  Presentation: Dr. Alejandro Mentaberry
11:35-12:00 hs  Plant Biotechnology, Key Technology in the 21st Century
Dr. Atsuhiko Shinmyo (head of the Japanese delegation)
Abstract: Dr. Atsuhiko Shinmyo  Presentation: Dr. Atsuhiko Shinmyo
12:00-12:25 hs  Veterinary vaccines produced in plants: First report of a experimental vaccine against BVDV produced in transgenic plants that induce protection in cattle’s.
Dr. Andres Wigdorovitz
Abstract: Dr. Andres Wigdorovitz  Presentation: Dr. Andres Wigdorovitz
12:25-12:55 hs  Metabolomics approachies for Agro-Biotechnology
Dr. Daisuke Shibata
Abstract: Dr. Daisuke Shibata  Presentation: Dr. Daisuke Shibata
12:55-14:30 hs  Lunch

Second Session:  Area: Microbial Science
14:30-14:55 hs  Presentation of Dr. Roque Hours
14:55-15:20 hs  The Japanese Traditional Applied Microbiology may Contribute to the Argentine Dr. Osao Adachi
Abstract: Dr. Osao Adachi  Presentation: Dr. Osao Adachi
15:20-15:45 hs  Probiotic and technological characteristics of microorganisms isolated from the natural ecosystem of the Kefir grain
Dr. Graciela de Antoni
Abstract: Dr. Graciela de Antoni  Presentation: Dr. Graciela de Antoni
Biological and thechnological application of kefiran an EPS from kefir grains
Dr. Analia Abraham
Abstract: Dr. Analia Abraham  Presentation: Dr. Analia Abraham
15:45-15:55 hs  Coffee Break
15:55-16:20 hs  Potentials of Microorganisms for Functional Food Production and Probiotics
Dr. Jun Ogawa
Abstract: Dr. Jun Ogawa  Presentation: Dr. Jun Ogawa
16:20-16:45 hs  Recombinant vaccine reduces the excretion of Escherichia coli O157:H7 in cattle and elicits high titres of bacteria-targeted antibodies in colostrum
Lic. Elsa Mercado
Abstract: Lic. Elsa Mercado  Presentation: Lic. Elsa Mercado
16:45-17:10 hs  Biofilm formation and effective production of menaquinone-7 (Vitamin K2) by Bacillus subtilis: Lost of the world in environmental bacteria.
Dr. Kenji Washio
Abstract: Dr. Kenji Washio  Presentation: Dr. Kenji Washio

Tuesday 4 th August
Third Session:  Area: Food Science
09:30-09:55 hs  Technological aspects associated with the development of food with specific nutritional properties.
Dra. Noemí Zaritzky
09:55-10:20 hs  Omics-Based Science of Food and Nutrition in Japan
Dr. Hisanori Kato
Abstract: Dr. Hisanori Kato  Presentation: Dr. Hisanori Kato
10:20-10:45 hs  Bioactive peptides from vegetable proteins
Dra. María Cristina Añon
Abstract: Dra. María Cristina Añon  Presentation: Dra. María Cristina Añon
10:45-11:10 hs  Chemical Biology of Tea Catechins
Dr. Tsutomu Nakayama
Abstract: Dr. Tsutomu Nakayama  Presentation: Dr. Tsutomu Nakayama
11:10-11:25 hs  Coffee Break
11:25-11:40 hs  The INTI-Industrial Biotechnology Center
Dr. Alberto Diaz
11:40-12:05 hs  Structural Biology of Carbohydrate-Degrading Enzymes that Contribute to Biotechnology
Dr. Shinya Fushinobu
Abstract: Dr. Shinya Fushinobu  Presentation:Dr. Shinya Fushinobu
12:05-12:30 hs  Technologies for the production of Functional Foods, Healthy Foods, Foods for Special diets and their ingredients, from whole grains.
Lic. Maria Cristina López de Ogara and Lic. Marcela Alvarez
12:30-12:55 hs  Soybean as food material; Physiological and nutritional effect for human health and physicochemical properties in various foods.
Dr. Motohiko Hirotsuka
Abstract: Dr. Motohiko Hirotsuka  Presentation: Dr. Motohiko Hirotsuka
12:55-14:00 hs  Lunch
14:00-14:25 hs  Presentation of REDBIO
Dr. Alejandro Escandón
14:25-16:30 hs  Each group will elaborate a draft document with conclusions

Wednesday 5 th August
Photo(Friday, August 7)
09:00-09:30 hs  Presentation of the conclusions of the first sessions
09:30-10:00 hs  Presentation of the conclusions of the second sessions
10:00-10:30 hs  Presentation of the conclusions of the third sessions
10:30-11:00 hs  Coffee break
11:00-12:20 hs  Conclusions, recommendations and definition of futures activities
12:20-12:30 hs  Sign of the final document

Thursday 6 th August
09:30-14:30 hs  Visit to INTA-Castelar

Friday 7 th August
Photo(Friday, August 7)
09:30-11:00 hs  Visit to CIDCA-La Plata
11:30-12:30 hs  Visit to CINDEFI
13:30-14:30 hs  Visit to IBBM

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