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Summary of Research Centers/Projects
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Summary of Research Centers/Projects

Core Center for iPS Cell Research

Conducting long-term research as needed toward building up a stock of iPS cells for regenerative medicine while advancing standardization and securing the safety of clinical applications of iPS cells.

Centers for Clinical Application Research on Specific Disease/Organ
(Type A/B)

Carrying out the required research and evelopment to implement clinical research using the iPS cells for regenerative medicine produced at the Core Center for iPS Cell Research, and aim at the realization regenerative medicine on disease/organ.

【Type A】 Fields where clinical applications can be expected within five yearas.
【Type B】 Fields where technological breakthroughs are required for clinical application.

Projects for Technological Development

Aiming at technology development to expand the range of clinical applications of iPS cells and realize more advanced regenerative medicine while collaborating with the above centers.

Highway Program for Realization of Regenerative Medicine

For the early realization of regenerative medicine, the concerned ministries and agencies support regenerative medicine research and accelerate research in collaboration with the research centers on disease/organ.

The Program for Intractable Diseases Research utilizing Disease-specific iPS cells

Elucidating pathogenic mechanisms using iPS cells from patient cells and conducting drug discovery research.


Project Implementation Approach

  • PDs and POs will be assigned to help ensure smooth project implementation.
  • The PDs and POs will monitor overall project progress and will contribute to the strengthening of ties among research pursuits and among research institutions, and provide needed guidance and advice. All participating institutions are obligated to cooperate with the PDs and POs in order to promote smooth project implementation.
  • Because this project is a research and development project responding to policy concerns, contract research agreements will be entered into by JST and research institutions as an assurance of project performance. Project plans, projection progress, results achieved, and other matters, therefore, will be subject to review by not only the PDs and POs but also representatives of JST.

Research Center Network for Realization of Regenerative Medicine
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