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Achieving Vibrant Aging Societies: Coexisting with Adaptable AI-enabled Robots

Department of Moonshot Research and Development Program

The Department of Moonshot R&D Program has published an article on NOTE <>, featuring a dialogue between Yasuhisa Hirata, Project Manager (PM) of Moonshot Goal 3 and Yoichi Ochiai, a Moonshot ambassador who researches usability for a diverse spectrum of people, including elderly and disabled individuals. We asked them about the details of the Hirata project and the outlook of technology to be utilized, especially in nursing care. Please take a look.

Yasuhisa Hirata x Yoichi Ochiai  Moonshot Dialogue: In Hopes Of Realizing A World That Is Positive About Aging
Moonshot Goal 3: Realization of AI robots that autonomously learn, adapt to their environment, evolve in intelligence and act alongside human beings, by 2050.