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JST co-organized a thematic session with the Young Academy of Japan at the World Science Forum 2022

Department for Promotion of Science in Society

The World Science Forum (WSF), a biennial international forum to discuss the interconnection between science and society and the role of science in tackling the global challenges facing humanity, was held in Cape Town, South Africa, from 6-9 December 2022. JST co-organized a session with the Young Academy of Japan (YAJ) to deepen the discussion on the gaps in knowledge production and distribution of knowledge benefits, as well as the ecosystem of science that contributes to a public good.

Speakers at the session included leading young international experts, highlighting the increasing importance of the discussion of "distributive justice," equal production and distribution of knowledge in science and technology, as well as the critical issue that scientists are facing geographic disparities in academic excellence that can grow easily in times of crisis. On the other hand, cases in Oman and Zambia where scientists are working with local communities on projects to address societal issues to overcome such disparities in knowledge production and the distribution of benefits derived from knowledge, and efforts to provide equal educational opportunities in South-East Asia were also introduced, indicating the importance of science in realizing a just society. In addition, the session also touched on the need for further collaboration among the young academies in each country to bring the voices of young scientists to policy development.

In October 2022, prior to the WSF, JST and YAJ co-organized an online symposium on a related theme at Science Agora 2022. By bridging the discussion in Japan to the WSF, JST provided perspectives that would contribute to the overall theme of WSF 2022, "Science for Social Justice".

The WSF2022, held for the first time on the African continent, brought together over 3,000 participants from 118 countries. The five sub-themes, "Science for human dignity," "Science for climate justice," "Science for Africa and the world," "Science for diplomacy," and "Justice in science," emphasizing the pressing need in promoting viable actions to meet global societal challenges through international cooperation among scientists. The final day of the Forum concluded with the adoption of the Cape Town declaration on the role of science, based on the five themes.

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