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The 1st International Symposium on Nano-Wire Si Solar Cells
MEXT "FUTURE-PV Innovation" Project

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 The "FUTURE-PV Innovation" (FUkushima Top-level United center for Renewable Energy research - PhotoVoltaics Innovation) Project was initiated in July, 2012 with the goal to develop the open and the most advanced research and development base in the world on renewable energies under the Basic Policy for Recovery and Reconstruction of Fukushima. Many excellent researchers from Japan and overseas will gather at the research facility that will be constructed in Koriyama, Fukushima, by the end of fiscal year 2013 and engage in unique and challenging research to realize nano-wire Si solar cells. The research outcomes of this facility in Fukushima will be widely transmitted throughout the world.
 The 1st International symposium on Nano-Wire Si Solar Cells will be held to present the recent achievements in the project from the three teams involved in this project: "Super high quality Si crystal technology", "Fabrication process for silicon nanowire and characterization" and "Nano-Wire solar cells". It will consist of overviews from team leaders, poster presentations from team members, and invited presentations by leading scientists from international research organizations.

 We hope the 1st International symposium will promote progress on Nano-wire Si solar cell technologies and foster international cooperation.


 Jun. 10th (Mon), 2013
 Reception desk opens at 9:30/ Session starts at 10:00, closes at 18:15
 Banquet starts at 18:30, closes at 20:00


 Symposium: Tokyo Tech Front (TTF),  Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo, Japan 
   (the building on the lower side of the map with the link)
 Address: 2-12-1 Ookayama, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 152-0033, Japan
 Banquet: Kinomi Garden( Cafeteria 2F)
   (the building on the right side of the map with the link) 


 English Only

Registration Procedure

 Please apply from Registration.
 Seating Capacity:200 People
 The deadline for online registration is 23:59 of Jun. 3rd (Mon), 2013, Japan Standard Time (GMT+9)

Registration Fees

 None but Banquet (optional)
※Banquet (optional) Participation fee; 4,000JPY. Cash Only. Other payment methods are not accepted.


 Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST)


 Tokyo Institute of Technology

Inquiries for Registration

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