JST Press Release#1482

January 22, 2021

Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST)
5-3, Yonbancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

JST is to fund five research projects for the e-ASIA Joint Research Program on
“Countermeasures for COVID-19 Urgent Joint Call”

The Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) decided to start new projects within the framework of the e-ASIA Joint Research Program.

JST and four funding agencies from three countries jointly held the “Countermeasures for COVID-19 Urgent Joint Call” for non-medical research.

A total of 12 proposals were submitted in response to the joint call. Based on an expert evaluation conducted in each country, JST and the other funding agencies jointly decided to adopt five projects.

The scheduled research period is until March 2022.

Through the acceleration of science and technology research exchange and collaboration in the East Asian region, the e-ASIA Joint Research Program (e-ASIA JRP) aims to strengthen research and development capabilities towards resolution of shared challenges across the region, including those associated with materials, alternative energy, agriculture, health research, disaster risk reduction and management, advanced interdisciplinary research towards innovation, and the environment.

As part of that objective, e-ASIA JRP supports collaborative research implemented among three or more of its member countries. Through the implementation of joint research among participating countries in agreed fields of research, it is the goal of e-ASIA JRP to contribute to economic and human resource development, as well as the resolution of various challenges in the region.

Due to the urgency of this call to address the COVID-19 pandemic, a project consortium with only two countries was considered if the project was scientifically well-justified and aligned with the e-ASIA JRP objectives of promoting innovation and development in the East Asia region.

URL: https://www.the-easia.org/jrp/