JST Press Release#1459

October 16, 2020

Japan Science and Technology Agency
5-3, Yonbancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

JST is to fund nine research projects coordinated by Japan, Germany and
France in the field of Artificial Intelligence

JST has decided to start the new projects coordinated by JST, German Research Foundation (DFG, Germany) and The French National Research Agency (ANR, France).

Based on agreements, JST, DFG and ANR jointly opened the call for the new research projects among the three countries in the field of Artificial Intelligence submitting the following as an example of a research scope.

  • Knowledge extraction and learning: data mining and text mining, machine learning (super-vised, self-supervised, unsupervised, by reinforcement, ...), complex decision rules design, decision process modeling and construction of decision support tools;
  • Knowledge management methods and models, including knowledge representation and theories of knowledge reasoning, ontologies and their use in data enrichment and information retrieval, multi-agent systems, and the semantic web, etc.
  • Advancing the state of the art in artificial intelligence in order to accomplish complex tasks (computer vision, natural language and speech processing, etc.), developing autonomous decision-making systems or allowing high-level interactions with human users.
  • Human-centered approaches towards artificial intelligence methods, eg. considering, trust-ed AI, GDPR in future AI, democratization of AI, integrity of data for fairness, AI ethics to avoid gender/age segmentation.

A total of 36 proposals were submitted in response to the joint call for proposals. Based on the results of evaluation by the experts, JST, DFG and ANR have jointly decided to adopt the nine projects.