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Goal 6 R&D ProjectsDevelopment of scalable Silicon quantum computer technology

Project manager (PM)TARUCHA SeigoRIKEN Center for Emergent Matter Science and Quantum computing

Summary of the project

This project aims to develop scalable multi-qubit devices toward realization of Silicon quantum computer. We will use sparse integration and medium-distance quantum coupling to implement a unit structure of qubits and scale up the qubit system by integrating the unit structures. Based on this method we will develop technology bases appropriate to implement large-scale quantum computers by 2030, and expand them in cooperation with the semiconductor industry to realize universal quantum computers by 2050.

Milestone by year 2030

We establish technology bases for fabricating multi-qubit devices toward development of large-scale quantum computers in cooperation with semiconductor industries. In parallel, we perform characterization and high-fidelity quantum operation of the fabricated qubit devices and demonstrate the principles of quantum phase error correction in the multi-qubit devices.

Milestone by year 2025

We use high-quality substrate of silicon/silicon-germanium (Si/SiGe) to establish fabrication technologies for implementing multi-qubit devices with high fidelity, and use them to construct a prototype of small- to middle-scale quantum computers.

Outline of R&D

R&D theme structure of the project

R&D theme structure of the project

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R&D institutions

RIKEN, Osaka University, Nagoya University, The University of Tokyo

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