Social Systems for Better Environment Performance

Research Supervisor

Yoichi Kaya

Year Started : FY1997

Kikuo Iwata
Professor, Gakushuin University
A Development of the Urban Traffic System for Improvement of Environment Quality
Motoyuki Goda
Director, Policy Research Institute
Modeling a Self-contained Community with Social, Ecological and Material Balance in the Rural Environment
Akira Kohyama
Professor, Kyoto University
R & D of Environment Conscious Multi-Functional Structural Materials for Advanced Energy Systems
Masayoshi Sadakata
Professor, The University of Tokyo
The Development of Dry Desulfurization Process for Developing Countries by Appropriate Chain Reactions
Yasunori Matsufuji
Professor, Kyushu University
Study for Therapeutic Brick House System Setting Up
Kunio Yoshikawa
Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology
High Efficiency Power Generation from Coal and Wastes Utilizing High Temperature Air Combustion Technology

Year Started : FY1996

Hajime Kayanne
Associate Professor, The University of Tokyo
Ecotechnology for the Design of Coral Reef Bioreactor to Fix CO2
Takamitsu Sawa
Professor, Kyoto University
Towards an Optimal Framework for the Preservation of Global Environment
Tatsuya Noike
Professor, Tohoku University
Energilization and Resource Recovery of Municipal Solid Wastes Using New Generation Technologies on Global Environmental Protection
Tohru Morioka
Professor, Osaka University
Construction of Cycle Oriented Complex at Social Experimental Sites and Development of Environmental Technologies
Osami Yagi
Professor, The University of Tokyo
Fundamental Studies on Bioremediation Technologies of Contaminated Soil Environment
Naohiro Yoshida
Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Isotopomer Analysis of Environmental Materials for their Source Determination
Yoshimasa Watanabe
Professor, Hokkaido University
New Water Metabolic System of Cities Based on Wise Use

Year Started : FY1995

Hajime Akimoto
Program Director, Frontier Research System for Global Change
Formation and Deposition of Ozone and Acidic Species in East Asia and Their Environmental Impact
Takao Kashiwagi
Professor, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
Development of a Metabolistic System for Energy and Resources Saving City
Yukio Kubo
Former Professor, Keio University
Measurement and Controlling System of Urban Heat Island
Kazuhiko Kobayashi
Laboratory Chief, National Institute of Agro-Environmental Sciences
Experiment and Modeling of Rice Ecosystems Under High Atmospheric CO2
Hiroshi Sakugawa
Professor, Hiroshima University
Forest Decline Study-Measurement, Behavior, and Control of Atmospheric Pollutants
Yoshiharu Doi
Chief Scientist, RIKEN
Research and Development of Environmentally Preferred Polymers
Junko Nakanishi
Professor, Yokohama National University
Establishment of a Scientific Framework for the Management of Toxicity of Chemicals Based on Environmental Risk-Benefit Analysis
Takaaki Maekawa
Professor, University of Tsukuba
Basic Studies for Remediation of the Water Environment by Enrichment of Microbial Functions


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