Host Defense Mechanism

Research Supervisor

Yoshiyuki Hashimoto

Year Started : FY1997

Shunsuke Ishii
Chief Scientist, RIKEN
Research on Transcriptional Regulation via Mediators
Yuko Ohashi
Associate director for research, National Institute of Agrobiological Sciences
Gene Silencing in Plant Self-defense Mechanisms
Yasunobu Okada
Professor, Okazaki National Research Institutes
Molecular Mechanisms of Cell Volume Regulation and the Protection against Volume Regulatory
Toshisuke Kawasaki
Professor, Kyoto University
Studies on the Carbohydrate Mediated Host Defense System
Takehiko Sasazuki
Director, International Medical Center of Japan
Molecular Basis for the Framework Formation of Immune System and for the Regulation of Immune Response
Yuichi Sugiyama
Professor, The University of Tokyo
Molecular Basis for the Xenobiotic Detoxification System
Hiromitsu Nakauchi
Professor, The University of Tokyo
Molecular Mechanisms for Differentiation and Self-renewal of the Hemato Poietic Stem Cell

Year Started : FY1996

Kazuo Sugamura
Professor, Tohoku University
Molecular Mechanism of Cytokine Dysfunction and Gene Therapy
Keiji Tanaka
Department Director, The Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science
Molecular Mechanisms of Immunological Recognition by a Supramolecular System
Masaru Taniguchi
Professor, Chiba University
Molecular Mechanism on Autoimmune Regulation
Shoji Fukushima
Professor, Osaka City University
Cancer Risk from Chemicals in Our Environment: Experimental Approaches to Carcinogenic Assessment
Kouji Matsushima
Professor, The University of Tokyo
Molecular Analysis of the Mechanism of Inflammation Focusing on Interleukin 8 and Cell Adhesion Molecules

Year Started : FY1995

Shizuo Akira
Professor, Osaka University
Studies on Host Defense Mechanisms by Gene Targeting
Masamitsu Iino
Professor, The University of Tokyo
Calcium Signalling Research with Advancement of Imaging and Molecular Genetic Methods
Hajime Iwamura
Professor, Kyoto University
Chemical Approaches to the Elucidation of Plant Defense Mechanisms
Ko Okumura
Professor, Juntendo University
Construction of the Molecular Network among Immune, Neuro and Endocrine Systems
Mari Kannagi
Professor, Tokyo Medical and Dental University
Mechanisms of Immune Destruction in Persistent Human Virus-associated Diseases and Its Prevention
Toshiyuki Takai
Professor, Tohoku University
Analysis of Immunoregulatory Mechanism via Fc Receptors
Kazuhiro Nagata
Professor, Kyoto University
Stress Response as an Universal Defense Mechanism
Shunji Natori
Invited Researcher, RIKEN
Insect Defense Molecules and Future Drugs Based on Them


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