Endocrine Disrupters

Research Supervisor

Tsuguyoshi Suzuki

Year Started : FY2000

Itsuo Katakuse
Professor Emeritus, Osaka University
Development of High Sensitive Mass Spectrometer and Analysis of Endocrine Disrupters
Suguru Kawato
Professor, The University of Tokyo
Environmental Hormones Disrupting Actions of Neurosteroids in the Brain
Ken Takeda
Professor, Tokyo University of Science
Novel Types of Endocrine Disrupters in Atmosphere
Yoshitaka Nagahama
Professor, National Institutes of Natural Sciences
Molecular Mechanisms of Endocrine Disrupter Action in Fish Reproductive Endocrine Systems
Kaoru Miyamoto
Professor, University of Fukui
Establishment of Databases for Genes Affected by Low Doses of Endocrine Disrupters in Reproductive System

Year Started : FY1999

Hiroyoshi Ariga
Professor, Hokkaido University.
Oncogene Products DJ-1 and AMY-1 Participate in Abnormalities of Spermatogenesis Caused by Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals
Taisen Iguchi
Professor, National Institutes of Natural Sciences
Developmental Effects of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals on Animals: Special Reference to Developmental Endocrinology
Teruaki Iwamoto
Proffessor, St. Marianna University School of Medicine
Effects of Endocrine Disruptors on Male Reproductive Function
Masahiko Kuroda
Assistant professor, Tokyo Medical University
Effects of Endocrine Disrupters on Meiosis and Homologous Recombination
Yo-Ichiro Kuroda
Guest Researcher, Tokyo Metropolitan Institute for Neuroscience
Effects of Endocrine Disruptors on Functional Developments of the Brain and their Molecular Mechanisms

Year Started : FY1998

Yoshio Umezawa
Professor, The University of Tokyo
Methods of Analysis for Chemicals that Promote/Disrupt Cellular Signaling
Fujio Kayama
Professor, Jichi Medical School
Interaction between Plant-derived and Man-made Xenoestrogens
Osamu Tsutsumi
Professor, The University of Tokyo
Effects of Endocrine Disrupters on Reproductive Functions in Mammals including Humans
Chiharu Tohyama
Director, National Institute for Environmental Studies
Elucidation of Endocrine Disrupting Mechanism of Dioxin and Related Compounds for Health Risk Assessment
Hajime Nawata
Professor, Kyushu University
Nuclear Receptor- Transcription Cofactors Complex and Endocrine Disrupters
Yoshiaki Fujii-Kuriyama
Guest Professor, University of Tsukuba
Mechanisms of Action of Endocrine Disrupters and Development of Monitoring System for Endocrine Disrupters
Ken-ichirou Morohashi
Professor, Okazaki National Research Institutes
Elucidation of Mechanisms of Sexual Differentiation


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