Structure and Function of Genomes

Research Supervisor

Michio Oishi

Year Started : FY2000

Shunichi Takeda
Professor, Kyoto University
Development of a New Method to Improve the Efficiency of Gene Targeting in Higher Eukaryotic Cells
Yo-ichi Nabeshima
Professor, Kyoto University
Systematic Study of Genome Function by Analysing Klotho Mutant Mice, an Animal Model for Human Aging
Norio Niikawa
Professor, Nagasaki University
Isolation and Analysis of Disease-Related Genes Through Chromosomal Translocation and Minute Deletion
Takeshi Yagi
Professor, Osaka University
Genomic Structure and Function of Clustered Cadherin Family

Year Started : FY1999

Yoichi Taya
Division Chief, National Cancer Center Research Institute
Mechanism of Genome Protection Through p53
Fumio Hanaoka
Director, RIKEN
Molecular Mechanism of Maintenance of Genomic Information
Yoshinobu Baba
Professor, Nagoya University
Nanochip Technology and its Application to Genome Analysis
Yasushi Hiraoka
Group Leader, National Institute of Information and Communications Technology
Analysis of Nuclear Structures Ensuring the Genome Stability
Minoru Yoshida
Director, RIKEN
Chemical and Genetic Studies on Localization and Modification of Nuclear Factors

Year Started : FY1998

Fumitoshi Ishino
Professor, Tokyo Medical and Dental University
Mammalian-specific Genomic Function
Takehiko Shibata
Director, RIKEN
The Regulation of Genomic Plasticity through Genetic Recombination
Shigekazu Nagata
Professor, Osaka University
Apoptosis and Genome
Kenichi Matsubara
Academic Counselor, International Institute for Advanced Studies
Functional Genomics in Organogenesis
Hirotada Mori
Professor, Nara Institute of Science and Technology
Systematic Functional Analysis of Escherichia Coli Genome


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