Function Evolution of Materials and Devices based on Electron/Photon Related Phenomena

Research Supervisor

Takuo Sugano

Year Started : FY2000

Yoshishige Suzuki
Professor, Osaka University
Spin-Injection as a Base of the Spin-Charge Coupled Electronic Devices
Kazuo Nakamura
Deputy Director-General, National Institute for Materials Sciences
The Control of Optical States for Practical Quantum Cryptography
Susumu Noda
Professor, Kyoto University
Ultimate Control of Light by Photonic Bandgap Crystals and Its Application to Novel Functional Devices
Eiichi Hanamura
Professor, Chitose Institute of Science and Technology
Opto-Electronics Using Strongly Correlated Electronic System of Perovskite-type Transition-Metal Oxides

Year Started : FY1999

Shunri Oda
Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology
NeoSilicon: A Novel Functional Material for Future Electronics
Masahiro Kitagawa
Professor, Osaka University
Nuclear Spin Network Quantum Computers
Yoshiaki Nakano
Professor, The University of Tokyo
Innovative Photon-Controlling Devices Based on Artificial Optical Properties of Semiconductors
Arao Nakamura
Professor, Nagoya University
Photonic Function of Materials with Nanometer-Sized Structures
Roy Lang
Professor, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
Interactive Control of Photonic and Electronic Wave Packets

Year Started : FY1998

Yoshinobu Aoyagi
Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Study on Coherent Quantum Dynamics in Solid State Devices
Yasumoto Tanaka
Senior Researcher, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
Creation of the Best Performance Superconductor
Hiroshi Kawarada
Professor, Waseda University
Fine Structured Diamond Electron Devices Formed by Controlling Surface Adsorbates
Yoshiro Hirayama
Manager, NTT Basic Research Laboratories
Interacting Carrier Electronics
Koichiro Hoh
Professor, The University of Tokyo
Quantum-Scale System Integration


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