Creation of Nano-Structured Catalysts and Materials for Environmental Conservation

Research Supervisor

Makoto Misono

Year Started : FY2004

Shinichiro Nakamura
General Manager, Computational Science Laboratory, Mitsubishi Chemical Group Science and Technology Research Center, Inc.
Study of Nano-Environment to Realize the Optimum Molecular Properties

Year Started : FY2003

Kimihisa Yamamoto
Professor, Keio University
Nano-catalyst Based on Fine-controlled Metal Assembling

Year Started : FY2002

Yasuhiro Uozumi
Professor, National Institutes of Natural Sciences / Team Leader, RIKEN
Transition Metal Catalysts with Defined Nano-structure to Transform Organic Compounds in Water
Toshio Okuhara
Professor, Hokkaido University
Developments of Highly Functional Oxide Clusters for Green Chemical Synthesis
Kazuyuki Kuroda
Professor, Waseda University
Creation of Highly Controlled Nano-space Materials
Takashi Tatsumi
Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Creation of Green Catalysts through Free Interconversion of Organic-Inorganic Composite Phase
Wang Jae Chun
Senior Associate Professor,
Creation of Highly Efficient Well-defined Metal Oxide Surfaces International Christian University
Yasushi Tsuji
Professor, Kyoto University
Creation of Molecular Catalysts with Controlled Nanometer Space in Homogeneous Phase
Yasutake Teraoka
Professor, Kyusyu University
Nano-structured Catalytic Systems Using Perovskite-type Oxides
Isao Mochida
Professor, Kyusyu University
Novel Catalytic Functions of Carbon Nano-fibers with Optimized Surface Structure
Tatsuaki Yashima
Guest Researcher, Miyazaki University
Selectivity Control Procedures and Their Use in Hydrocarbon Partial Oxidations Over Orderly Substituted Mixed Oxides at Nanometer Level Scale


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