Creation of Novel Nano-material/System Synthesized by Self-organization for Medical Use

Research Supervisor

Koji Kaya

Year Started : FY2002

Kohzo Ito
Professor, The University of Tokyo
Production of Functional Biomaterials with Topological Gel for Medical Use
Tomoji Kawai
Professor, Director, Osaka University
Creation of Bio-mimetic Intellectual Material based on Programmed Self-assembly
Kazue Kurihara
Professor, Tohoku University
Nanostructuring of Liquids at the Solid-Liquid Interfaces
Kiyotaka Shiba
Chief, Japanese Foundation for Cancer Research
Development of a Programmable Artificial Protein System for Nano-biotechnology
Masatsugu Shimomura
Professor, Tohoku University
Fabrication of Nanostructured Medical Devices Based on Self-organized Polymer Materials
Fumio Tokunaga
Professor, Osaka University
Protein Module: From Nano Assembling to Micro Multiplication
Keisuke Tominaga
Professor, Kobe University
Reaction Dynamics in Nano-Scale
Yoshihide Hayashizaki
Chief Scientist, RIKEN
Development and Medical Application of "NanoLEGO" from Biomolecule Selected by Genome-wide Screening
Makoto Fujita
Professor, The University of Tokyo
Development of Self-organizing Molecular Systems for Chemical Translation of Biological Functions
Ichiro Yamashita
Chief Researcher, Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.
Nano Integration Process by the Biomolecule Nanotechnology


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