Creation of Bio-Devices and Bio-Systems with Chemical and Biological Molecules for Medical Use

Research Supervisor

Hiroyuki Sasabe

Year Started : FY2003

Yoshiki Katayama
Professor, Kyushu University
Novel Cell-selective Gene Delivery System Using Intracellular Signal-responsive Molecular System
Kei Yura
Senior Scientist, Japan Atomic Energy Agency
A Method to Deduce Atomic Resolution Structures out of Low Resolution Supra-molecule Images in Biological Systems

Year Started : FY2002

Mitsuru Akashi
Professor, Osaka University
Development of Anti-retroviral Vaccine Using Polymeric Nanoparticles
Takehiko Kitamori
Professor, The University of Tokyo
Creation and Application of Nano Bio-Physico-Chemical Architectures
Koji Suzuki
Professor, Keio University
Creation of "Nanochemical Probes" and their Biomedical Sensing Application
Mitsuo Sekine
Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Creation of Innovative Artificial Nucleic Acids Capable of Control and Detection of Genome – Based on the Most Advanced Technology for the Synthesis of Nucleic Acids -
Hideaki Matsuoka
Professor, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
The High Throughput Creation of Disease Model Cells and the Analysis of their Function
Kazuko Matsumoto
Ex-Professor, Waseda University
Delayed Fluorescence Bio-Imaging Using Metal-Complex Probes

Year Started : FY2001

Taizo Uda
Professor, Prefectural University of Hiroshima
Generation of "Super Catalytic Antibodies" as Biological Nano-Materials for Health and Welfare
Atsuhiro Osuka
Professor, Kyoto University
Giant Porphyrin Arrays as Meso-Scopic Structural Motif of Molecular Electronics
Teruo Okano
Professor, Chief, Tokyo Womens Medical University
Development of a Novel Tissue Reconstruction Technique and the Next Generation Biosensors
Yoshio Okahata
Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Design of Multifunctional Quartz-Crystal Microbalance Multisensors for Quantitative Detection of Biomolecular Interactions
Kazunori Kataoka
Professor, The University of Tokyo
Development of Novel Nano-structured Device for Gene and Drug Delivery
Toshihiro Yamase
Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Molecular Machinery based on Polyoxometalates as Nano-sized Clusters


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