Creation of Nanodevices and System Based on New Physical Phenomena and Functional Principles

Research Supervisor

Koji Kajimura

Year Started : FY2003

Hiroshi Akoh
Deputy Director, Correlated Electron Research Center, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)
Gigantic Spin Tunnel Functionality Atomically-controlled by Perovskite Interface Engineering

Year Started : FY2002

Hajime Ishihara
Professor, Osaka Prefecture University
Creation of Novel Functional Devices Using Nanoscale Spatial Structures of the Radiation Field
Kingo Itaya
Professor, Tohoku University
Atom Processes in Solid/Liquid Interfacial Reactions: Elucidation and Application
Hideaki Takayanagi
Professor, Tokyo University of Science
Implementation of the Entangled States Using Superconducting Flux Qubits
Kazuhiko Matsumoto
Professor, Osaka University
Carbon Nanotube Single Electron/Spin Measuring System

Year Started : FY2001

Koichiro Inomata
Fellow, National Institute for Material Science
Development of Fundamental Technology for Spin Quantum Dot Memories
Yoshihiro Iwasa
Professor, Tohoku University
Nanoclusters: Control of Configuration, Rotation, and Electronic States in Device Structures
Hideyo Okushi
Scientific Adviser, Nanotechnology Research Institute, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science
Development of Diamond Ultraviolet Nanodevices Taking Advantage of Highly Condensed Excitonic States
Satoshi Kawata
Professor, Osaka University
Nonlinear Nano-Photonics
Kazuhiro Komori
Group Leader, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)
Coherent Quantum-Control and Information-Processing Technology
Hiroaki Misawa
Professor, Hokkaido University
Development of Nanofabrication Technology by Entangled Photon Beams


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