Creation of New Technology Aiming for the Realization of Quantum Information Processing Systems

Research Supervisor

Yoshihisa Yamamoto (Professor, Research Organization of Information and Systems / Professor, Stanford University)

Year Started



This research area targets research that aims to create new technology as the infrastructure for the development of systems for controlling quantum dynamical phenomena observed in the micro-world and implementing information processing of memory, computation operations, etc. Specifically, it targets technologies for basic devices based on quantum effects and the utilization of multiple quantum bits, quantum information transmission and relay technology involving optical, electron, atomic, nuclear and other systems. It also targets elemental research as the basis for those technologies, for example, empirical research including simulation relating to the control and observation of the quantum entanglement phenomenon. Specifically, this includes quantum computer technology using ion traps, cold atoms, electron or nuclear spin in semiconductors, Josephson junction elements, NMR, linear optical systems, etc., quantum relay technology using atom clusters or quantum teleportation, quantum encryption technology using single photons or entangled photons, etc.

Strategic Sector

Development of a Technological Infrastructure for the Realization of Quantum Information Processing that Introduces Innovation into Information Communications Technology

Year Started: 2005

Kyo Inoue
Professor, Osaka University
Quantum Entangled Photons and their Application Systems in the Communication Wavelength Band

Hidetoshi Katori
Associate Professor, The University of Tokyo
Quantum Metrology with Ultracold Atoms

Masahiro Kitagawa
Professor, Osaka University
Molecular Spin Quantum Computers

Seiji Miyashita
Professor, The University of Tokyo
Quantum-mechanical Cooperative Phenomena and their Applications

Year Started: 2004

Shinji Urabe
Professor, Osaka University
Research and Development of Integrated Ion Trap Quantum Computer Systems

Hideo Kosaka
Associate Professor, Tohoku University
Quantum Media Conversion from a Photon Qubit to an Electron-spin Qubit

Takamasa Momose
Guest Reseacher, National Institute of Information and Communications Technology / Professor, The University of British Columbia
Basic Research on Quantum Information Processing Using Molecular Internal States

Year Started: 2003

Nobuyuki Imoto
Professor, Osaka University
Novel Quantum Information Processing with Photons

Jaw-Shen Tsai
Research Fellow, NEC / Laboratory Head, RIKEN
Superconducting Qubit System

Fujio Shimizu
Research Professor, NTT/Researcher, ILS-UEC
Development of Quantum Computation System with Neutral Atoms

Yoshiro Takahashi
Professor, Kyoto University
Basic Research of Quantum Information Processing Using Atomic Ensemble

Akira Furusawa
Professor, The University of Tokyo
Quantum Entanglement Manipulation for Quantum Information Networks

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