[Quantum Frontiers] Exploring Quantum Frontiers Through Quantum-Classical Interdisciplinary Fusion

Strategic Objective

Co-creative research for opening up the quantum frontier

Research Supervisor


Nobuyuki Imoto(Project Professor, Office of Senior Professor, The University of Tokyo)


The objective of this research area is to develop a wide range of quantum computers, quantum communications and quantum sensors, either alone or in combination, to explore new quantum frontiers. In pioneering hardware, assembling systems, discovering new applications and developing software, new developments are often opened up through quantum-classical synergies and the fusion of different disciplines such as elementary particles, cosmology, condensed matter physics, chemistry, materials engineering, electrical and electronics, information processing, mechanical engineering, computational science, control theory, AI, and fundamental mathematics. The quantum technologies that have been developed so far do not fully utilize the conventional technologies required to exploit the quantum properties, and current quantum technologies are not yet sufficiently large-scale or superior in practical issues. For this reason, we are actively promoting the integration of quantum with other disciplines and at different levels. To this end, we promote various collaborations and fusions in peripheral devices, electronics, system architecture and algorithms. We also explore quantum science as an extension of fundamental science, such as new quantum systems with high potential, hybrid methods of different quantum systems and quantum control methods, by using atoms, molecules, ions, light, superconducting materials, semiconductor materials, process technology, laser technology, etc.
Exploring these new quantum frontiers will enable us to solve, predict, diagnose and control problems that were previously impossible. It is also expected to contribute not only to future economic development but also to the realization of an advanced safe and secure society.

Research Area Advisors

Hidemi Ishiuchi Former CEO, Evolving Nano-process Infrastructure Development Center (EIDEC)
Koji Inoue Professor, Faculty of Information Science and Electrical Engineering, Kyushu University
Masato Koashi Professor, Graduate School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo
Mikio Kozuma Professor, Institute of Innovative Research, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Tadashi Takayanagi Professor, Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University
Shigeki Takeuchi Professor, Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University
Seigo Tarucha Group Director, Center for Emergent Matter Science, RIKEN
Akihisa Tomita Professor, Faculty of Information Science and Technology, Hokkaido University
Yasunobu Nakamura Director, Center for Quantum Computing, RIKEN
Takuya Hirano Professor, Faculty of Science, Gakushuin University

Research Projects

  1. Year Started : 2023

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