[Yoshinobu Fujishiro] Development of Innovative Technology for Energy-Carrier Synthesis using Novel Solid Oxide Electrolysis Cell

Research Director

Yoshinobu Fujishiro

Yoshinobu Fujishiro

National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
Group Leader


This reseach focuses on the development of high efficient synthesis technology for energy-carriers such as dimetyl ether (DME) and methane to realize efficient use of renewable energy in terms of utilizing existing transport and storage system, aiming to contribute the progress of energy and chemical industry in Japan.

Topics of the research are as follows; (1) development of fabrication technology for multi-stage electrochemical cells and catalytically functioned electrodes, (2) development of high efficient co-electrolysis (water and CO2) technology, and (3) efficient integration of these technologies with fuel synthesis electrode technology toward to the development of high efficient direct energy-carrier synthesis technology (namely, carrier-farm co-electrolysis technology)

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