[Miho Yamauchi] Design and construction of clean alcohols synthesis systems based on nano-level hybridization of functional electrode materials

Research Director

Miho Yamauchi

Miho Yamauchi

International Institute for Carbon-Neutral Energy Research,Kyushu University


We develop a polymer electrolyte alcohol electrosynthesis cell (PEAEC) , aiming at realization of efficient energy circulation using alcohols as a storable and transportable liquid energy carrier. Highly efficient carboxylic acid reduction and water oxidation will be achieved by designing and constructing a novel membrane electrode assembly composed of alcohol-synthesis oxide electrocatalysts and polymer-coated carbon electrodes exhibiting high efficiency as an electrode in PEFC. We are intended to fabricate highly efficient PEAEC constituted of newly developed hybrid materials and, at the end of the project, to achieve 50 % of energy efficiency for the alcohol synthesis. Environmentally friendly energy circulation systems will be realized by the application of alcohols made from bio-derived carboxylic acids using renewable energies.

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