[Takeo Yamaguchi]Development of core technology of electrodes and MEAs for solid alkaline fuel cells with liquid fuels

Research Director

Takeo Yamaguchi

Takeo Yamaguchi

Chemical Resources Laboratory,Tokyo Institute of Technology


Solid alkaline fuel cells (SAFCs) are very promising energy source for a
wide and cost effective commercialization technology, due to the advantages
of using liquid fuels to generate electricity, using non-noble metal
catalysts and higher catalytic kinetics for oxygen reduction and fuel
oxidation than that in the acidic type fuel cells. Existing technologies
faces issues such as carbon corrosion, catalyst degradation etc. Novel
technological developments are required, not only for the membranes but
also for the catalyst. Therefore, in this work we aim at developing a novel
high performance durable, active catalyst layer and MEA with liquid fuels,
by proper structure design and modification

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