[Chikashi Nishimura] Development of Innovative Hydrogen Production Technology from Energy Carriers Based on Vanadium Alloy Membranes

Research Director

Chikashi Nishimura

Chikashi Nishimura

Corporate Planning Division, National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS)
Vice President


Vanadium alloys optimized for hydrogen production process from energy carriers will be designed and developed for membrane separation. A prototype of hydrogen separation module based on designed vanadium alloys will be modeled, and the performance will be tested to achieve hydrogen separation with high permeation flow rate. Ammonia and methylecyclohexane are targeted as energy carriers in this project, since these two chemicals are well-investigated on extraction of hydrogen from them. Starting from fundamental research on materials behaviors under gas mixtures of hydrogen and energy carriers, we will establish an innovative hydrogen production technology from energy carriers.

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