[Naoki Mochizuki] Understanding Homeostatic Mechanisms Maintained by the Cardio-Osteo-Renal Network and Interconnecting Blood Vessels

Research Director

Naoki Mochizuki

Naoki Mochizuki, M.D., Ph.D.

National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center
Department Director


We have identified a secretary molecule from the zebrafish embryonic hearts which might potentially regulate cardiogenesis and osteogenesis; therefore we name this molecule “heart-derived osteogenesis inducing molecule (HDOCI).” In this project, our team aims at clarifying the roles for HDOCI in homeostatic control among heart, bones, and kidneys using zebrafish and mice as models in which genes of our interests are genetically modified. We plan to explore the inter-organ regulation initiated by HDOCI. Furthermore, to examine the clinical relevance of HDOCI, we will investigate whether it becomes a potential biomarker for certain diseases and test whether it will be used for treatment of bone or heart diseases.

Naoki Mochizuki_figure

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