[Toru Miyazaki] Identification of Novel Scavenging System in Organisms and Its Therapeutic Application

Research Director

Toru Miyazaki

Toru Miyazaki, M.D., Ph.D.

The University of Tokyo


A variety of biological garbage such as necrotic, cancerated, or degenerated cells, are constitutively induced in our body due to both physiological and pathological events. Such undesired substances are usually eliminated quickly, which is followed by the restoration of tissues. Thus, this scavenging response is essential for maintaining the homeostasis of the body. Although the presence of scavenging system is well accepted based on the identification of multiple scavenger receptors, the machinery that distinguishes the garbage and normal cells remains largely unknown. In this project, we will first focus on this discriminating mechanism and identify the responsive molecules. Secondly, we will clarify the association of the unbalanced discriminating/scavenging system with types of diseases. Thirdly, we will develop diagnostic and therapeutic application of the newly identified elements against multiple incurable diseases.

Toru Miyazaki_figure

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