[Eiji Hara] Elucidating the Pathophysiology of Senescence-Associated Homeostatic Disorders and Its Control

Research Director

Eiji Hara

Eiji Hara, Ph.D.

Japanese Foundation for Cancer Research
Division Chief


Cellular senescence is the state of irreversible cell cycle arrest that can be induced by a variety of potentially oncogenic stimuli and has therefore long been considered to suppress tumorigenesis, acting as a guardian of homeostasis. However, surprisingly, emerging evidence reveals that senescent cells also promote secretion of various inflammatory and pro-proliferative factors, all of which are associated with homeostatic disorders such as cancer, atherosclerosis or osteoporosis. It is therefore quite possible that accumulation of senescent cells during the aging process in vivo may contribute to age-related increases in homeostatic disorders. In this study, we aim to clarify the molecular mechanisms linking cellular senescence and homeostatic disorders and to develop novel therapeutic strategies for aging-associated diseases.

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