[Minoru S.H. Ko] Controlling cell differentiation with precision through understanding the structure and dynamics of gene regulatory networks

Research Director

Minoru S.H. Ko

Minoru S.H. Ko

Keio University


We propose to generate a series of human embryonic stem (ES) cell lines, each having a specific transcription factor (TF) that can be induced to express. We then monitor how the overexpression of a single or multiple TF(s) changes the global gene expression patterns in ES cells over time. Analysis of this unprecedented amount of data with high-performance computing helps to build a reliable, high-resolution, and dynamic computer model for gene regulatory networks. In-depth understanding of such a gene regulatory network allows for the precise manipulation of cell differentiation. Overall, this project aims to achieve not only the mathematical modeling of gene regulatory networks, but also an effective means to differentiate cells for possible use in regenerative medicine.

Hidenori Akutsu Chief, Nat Center for Child Health and Development
Osamu Ohara Deputy Director, Kazusa DNA Res Inst
Kunihiro Nishimura CEO, Xcoo,Inc.
Ryo Matoba CEO, DNA Chip Res Inc.
Chikara Furusawa Team Leader, RIKEN QBiC
Hisanori Kiryu Associate Professor, The Univ. of Tokyo
Hirotaka Matsumoto JSPS Researcher, RIKEN

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