[Ryoichiro Kageyama] Elucidation and control of dynamics of oscillatory gene expression in cell proliferation and differentiation

Research Director

Ryoichiro Kageyama

Ryoichiro Kageyama

Kyoto University


It has been shown that expression of many genes oscillates during cell proliferation and differentiation, and that inhibition of oscillatory gene expression blocks such cellular events. These results suggest that oscillatory gene expression is important for cell proliferation and differentiation, but its precise role in these cellular events is not known. Furthermore, it has been suggested that in-phase oscillation between neighboring cells leads to generation of more uniform cell populations while out-of-phase oscillation leads to generation of mixed cell populations, but the mechanism of controlling phases of oscillatory gene expression between cells remains to be analyzed. In this research project, we will make mathematical modeling about the mechanism of how oscillatory gene expression and its phase control regulate these cellular processes. We will evaluate the mathematical modeling by testing its predictions and thereby understand the fundamental principles of oscillatory gene expression and its phase control in cell proliferation and differentiation, aiming at regulating these cellular events.

Hiroshi Kori Professor, The University of Tokyo

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