[Artificial Intelligence] Year Started : 2018

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Michiaki Hamada

Development of the innovative aptamer drug discovery system using artificial intelligence technology

Research Director

This research aims to achieve a breakthrough in drug development by shortening the process of RNA aptamer development; RNA aptamers are highly expected as new generation drug. For this purpose, we will develop an “AI aptamer discovery system”, which automatically generates candidates of RNA aptamers using both artificial intelligence (AI) and RNA bioinformatics. Finally, we release the system after confirming the generality and usefulness by introducing the system into a pharmaceutical company, RIBOMIC.

Takahiro Hara

Persona Model Transfer Techniques for Activity Prediction of Users in Heterogeneous Domains

Research Director

In this research project, in order to make use of persona models constructed in different domains (e.g., service providers and data holders), we will develop a series of techniques for transferring activity prediction techniques on persona models between different domains. The effectiveness of the developed techniques will be verified through practical empirical experiments of large scale in which several affiliated and collaborative companies of KDDI Research, Inc. participate.

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