[Tsuyoshi Takagi] Mathematical Modelling for Next-Generation Cryptography

Research Director

Tsuyoshi Takagi

Tsuyoshi Takagi

Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo


Recent advances in cryptanalysis, brought in particular by the quantum computation and the physical attacks on the cryptographic devices (such as the power analysis), introduced the growing security risks for the state-of-the-art cryptographic schemes. This project will focus on developing foundations for the mathematical modelling of the next-generation cryptographic systems, hereby addressing the above mentioned risks. In order to achieve this goal, a new mathematical approach will be used that will draw ideas not only from the number theory and the theory of computation, but also from the areas that have not yet been fully exploited for the cryptographic applications such as the representation theory, the mathematical physics and others. In particular, this project will create a platform for involving mathematicians into the research focused on promotion of the safe society, while at the same time stimulating a development of the respective branches of mathematics.

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