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Creation of Nanosystems with Novel Functions through Process Integration

Research Supervisor
Jun'ichi Sone
Vice President, National Institute of Materials Science
Year Started


This Research Area aims at creation of next-generation nanosystems that produce novel functions by promoting evolution and integration of top-down processes such as photolithography and bottom-up processes based on self-organization. Specifically, this aims at development to build up technologies such as sensors, actuators, biochips, electronic and optical devices, and energy devices that bring breakthrough in the functions and performance, focusing on studies on novel functions produced by fusion of nanostructured devices, such as nanoelectronic circuits, Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) and Nano Electro Mechanical Systems (NEMS) manufactured using top-down processes, and materials such as biological, organic, and self-organized materials, or studies on construction of functional bottom-up nanostructures as systems applicable to engineering. In addition, development of next-generation nanosystems based on the integration and optimization of these technologies is also taken into consideration in the promotion of research.

Strategic Sector

Creation of Next-Generation Nanosystems through Process Integration

Research Projects

Year Started : 2010
Research Director Affiliation Research Project
Eiji Saitoh Professor, Tohoku University Generation of nanointegration of heat, electricity and motion by spin current
Hiroyuki Noji Professor, The Univeristy of Tokyo Digital counting systems for biological assay
Masayoshi Higuchi Group Leader, National Institute for Materials Science Electrochromic Color-E-Paper
Kimihisa Yamamoto Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology Development of Metallo-processes for Novel Nanometals
Year Started : 2009
Research Director Affiliation Research Project
Tsuneo Urisu Professor, Nagoya University Development of optoneuroelectronics device and its function and applications
Takehiko Kitamori Professor, The University of Tokyo Creation of novel functional devices exploiting peculiarity of extended-nano space
Seiji Samukawa Professor, Tohoku University Control of Quantum Effect in 3D Nano Structure to Develop New Functions Using Bio-template and Ultimate Top-down Etching
Takao Someya Professor, The University of Tokyo Large-area nano-systems for applications to interfaces
Yoshinobu Tsujii Professor, Kyoto University Development of Novel Nanosystems by Hierarchically Assembling Concentrated Polymer Brushes
Teruo Fujii Professor,The University of Tokyo Cell and Tissue Showcasing by Micro-Nano Integrated Devices
Year Started : 2008
Research Director Affiliation Research Project
Yukiharu Uraoka Professor, Nara Institute of Science and Technology Highly Functional Nano System Fabricated by Bio Frontier Process
Kazuaki Sawada Professor, Toyohashi University of Technology Biomedical Nano-system using Ion-Imaging Sensors Technology
Matsuhiko Nishizawa Professor, Tohoku University Electrochemistry-Based Biohybrid Devices
Kenji Hata Team Leader, Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Functional Integrated CNT Flexible Nano MEMS Devices Fabricated by Self-Assembling Processes
Hiroshi Fujioka Professor, The University of Tokyo Development of Electronics on Self-Organized Graphite Sheets
Yuji Miyahara Professor, Tokyo Medical and Dental University Biotransistors with Bio-FunctionalNanostructured Gates
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