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Novel Measuring and Analytical Technology Contributions to the Elucidation and Application of Life Phenomena

Research Supervisor
Toshio Yanagida
Specially Appointed Professor, Osaka University
Year Started


This research field focuses on the construction of novel, fundamental measurement and analysis techniques for interpreting as yet unexplained life phenomena which are the driving force behind the development of life science technologies. Specifically, emphasis is placed on analysis techniques which reveal the true nature of the mechanism of interaction between organic molecules, which govern life phenomena, as well as techniques that can be used for in situ observations of biological entities or organic molecules inside cells, analysis techniques applicable at the level of individual cells, and novel measurement and analysis techniques applicable on any scale ranging from individual entities to entire ecosystems.Furthermore, novel techniques are sought for measuring and analyzing the influence exerted on biological entities by materials whose abundance in the environmental probes is extremely low.In addition, even for techniques based on existing fundamental principles, this field includes research which is expected to yield breakthrough research and life science technologies that can drastically improve the speed, sensitivity and resolution of measurements and analyses or can break the limitations associated with these factors. Such breakthroughs are also expected in the pursuit of new principles, and in the research and material science techniques related to the discovery and clarification of new phenomena.

Strategic Sector

Creation of Basic Technology for the Realization of Leading Edge Measuring and Analytical Equipment through the Development of New Techniques, etc

Research Projects

Year Started : 2006
Research DirectorAffiliationResearch Project
Yuji C. Sasaki Professor, The University of Tokyo Observations of Biomolecular Structural Recognition Process from Highly Accurate Individual Single Molecular Movies
Yoshikazu Nakayama Professor, Osaka University Measurement of Biological-single-molecule Dynamics by Carbon-nanotube Devices
Kuniaki Nagayama Professor, National Institutes of Natural Sciences (NINS) Development of ns-nm Resolution Electron- Photon Hybrid Microscope
Hideo Higuchi Professor, The University of Tokyo In Vivo Nano-imaging of Movement of Molecules in Mice
Atsuo Miyazawa Professor, University of Hyogo Biomolecular Tomography with Molecular Labels in the Cell
Year Started : 2005
Research DirectorAffiliationResearch Project
Shigeru Aoyama General Manager, OMRON Corp. Investigation on the Enviornment Response of Biomolecule with Hybrid Localized SPR
Tetsuo Nagano Professor, The University of Tokyo Development and Application of Chemical Probes for Dynamic Visualization of Biomolecules
Yoshikazu Nakamura Professor, The University of Tokyo Multi-target Development of RNA-based 'Nanosensors' and 'Modulators'
Yusuke Mori Professor, Osaka University Creation of Perfect Protein Crystals
Yoshichika Yoshioka Specially Appointed Professor, Osaka University The Development of the Noninvasive Quantitative Brain Functional Imaging Technique
Year Started : 2004
Research DirectorAffiliationResearch Project
Toshio Ando Professor, Kanazawa University Development of High-speed Imaging Apparatus for Studying Nanometer Scale Dynamic Behavior of Protein
Koji Ikuta Professor, Nagoya University New Principle Measurement Tools using Optical-driven Nano Machine
Masahiro Shirakawa Professor, Kyoto University Noninvasive Detection of Biomolecules in Living Organisms by Magnetic Resonance
Satoshi Takahashi Professor, Tohoku University Development of a New Observation Method for the Single Molecule Dynamics of Protein Folding
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