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Observations of Biomolecular Structural Recognition Process from Highly Accurate Individual Single Molecular Movies

Research Project Outline

Ultimate single molecular detection techniques can measure minute conformational changes of functional protein molecules with atomic size accuracy under the time resolution of microsecond in the place where biological functions appear in the cell. This program will achieve both high-speed Diffracted Xray Tracking (DXT) and laboratory size Diffracted electron Tracking (DET), which are individual single molecular detection system using high-energy probes. Additionally, we will propose and develop scanning x-ray radiation pressure microscope (XPM). The above-mentioned three methodologies will observe a minute structural difference in molecular recognition under the immunity system and the bio-membrane system which are very important phenomena in the life science.

Research Director
Yuji C.Sasaki
Chief Scientist, Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute
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Novel Measuring and Analytical Technology Contributions to the Elucidation and Application of Life Phenomena
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