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JST attended the Workshop titled "Getting a Deeper Sense for Non-Classical Sensing", that was organized and hosted by Johns Hopkins University, in collaboration with NIH, NSF and AFOSR, in order to share ideas on non-classical sensing and build a network among the participants.
The contents presented covered many different topics from dosimetry & biological function to manufacturing on smart sensors. JST had a chance of introducing SICORP (Strategic International Collaborative Research Program) in a session where international research experiences by foreign funding agencies were shared.
non-classical sensing
JST set up a briefing for the International Technology and Trade Associates, Inc. (ITTA) focused on U.S. AI R&D activities in the academic and private sectors. The briefing was based on a project JST asked ITTA to implement this year. More than 10 people attended including representatives of the Embassy of Japan in the U.S., and the Washington, D.C. offices of JSPS, NEDO and NICT. Discussions after the briefing were energetic and productive, touching on topics such as the differing needs of tech-companies and academia, future collaboration with Chinese companies, and prominent trends in U.S. AI R&D.
Metrics Workshop 2019 was held at NSF, hosted by the Belmont Forum. The purpose of the workshop was to review and give advice about immediate and long-term monetary and non-monetary transdisciplinary metrics, including those associated with open data requirements. JST made a contribution by giving an example of transdisciplinary research in a presentation of one of the Future Earth projects supported by RISTEX.
Two outputs are expected from the workshop: one is a multi-authored peer review document for publication in a relevant journal; the other is a recommendations document targeted towards transdisciplinary support organizations outlining best practices for capturing added value of transdisciplinary approaches.
Belmont Forum - Metrics Workshop 2019
The Science Olympiad National Tournament (SONT) 2019 was held at Cornell University. Eight students of Japan's Kaiyo Academy, the winning team of the 8th Annual Japan High School Science Championships, were awarded a trip to the US to participate in the SONT. Kaiyo Academy students took part in four events as a Global Ambassador Team with the support of the Department for Promotion of Science Education of JST. The Japan team placed 7th in Fermi questions and 9th in Forensics.
JST attends Science Olympiad 2019
JST set up a meeting in both cities of Boston and Raleigh to discuss funding programs in Japan with Japanese researchers including PhD students, postdoctoral researchers and researchers in companies. Representatives of the JSPS Washington Office and AMED Washington Office joined the meetings.
We also had interviews with Japanese researchers who are managing their laboratories as independent PIs, at both Duke University and North Carolina State University, and understood more about the US university research environment and what kind of challenges they are facing in terms of sustainable management of their laboratories.
JST discusses funding programs in Japan with Japanese researchers