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Research Overview

Creating new scientific values

Science builds on reproducibility, with one of the fundamental principles of the scientific method stating that an experiment must be reproduced or replicated to verify whether a hypothesis is correct. However, most discoveries in science were stumbled on "serendipitously" with minimal chance of repetition. Through this project, we want to cast aside the time-consuming trial-and-error process and transform "scientific serendipity" into "planned happenstance," thereby causing a revolution in the field of life science. We hope this new technology creates an industrial foundation that advances the world to a new era beyond our imagination.

What the "Serendipiter" looks like

In this program we are developing the Serendipiter, a cell searching technology that will quickly and precisely extract and examine cells in a cell population, thereby finding single target cells on a repeated basis. The Serendipiter will efficiently evaluate the characteristics of cells that would otherwise remain overlooked, paving the way to a planned search for "serendipitous" discoveries.

A "particle physics experiment" for life science

In analogy with the development of detectors in particle physics experiments, we aim to build the Serendipiter by integrating several key subsystems into a single instrument. The Serendipiter will rely primarily on optical technology, which can quickly and precisely process information, and apply expertise and technology in the fields of electrical engineering, chemistry, molecular biology, information science, genetic engineering, and others. We eventually aim to create a research platform that could frequently generate major scientific discoveries.

R&D Plans

R&D Project

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