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Messages from Program Manager Goda and Project Leaders

Goda, Program Manager of the ImPACT program, and Program Leaders speak about their vision, R&D plans, and roles.


The Serendipiter is a cell search engine that will quickly and precisely find a single target cell from a large and diverse population, performed at low cost and with minimal harm to the cells. The Serendipiter will then evaluate the characteristics of these cells, extracting crucial information that would otherwise be overlooked in enormous amounts of data. Due to the complex nature of the technology we are trying to develop, we are integrating the advanced technique and expertise of top researchers in photonics, chemistry, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, information science, molecular biology, genetic engineering, and others.


Until 2019, the main focus of this program will be on the green and biomedical applications of the Serendipiter. In the green application, we aim to use the Serendipiter to efficiently produce super-biofuel by identifying single algal cells, such as Euglena and Botryococcus, that convert sugar into lipid, enabling speedy breed improvement. In the biomedical application, the Serendipiter will precisely isolate rare blood cells, thereby identifying cancer cells and diagnosing their accurate treatment. To maximally contribute to society using the Serendipiter, we want to build a startup in the near future, smoothly obtaining intellectual property and achieving technology transfer in the process.

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