November 12, 2018
Event Report: The 27th Annual Congress of Japan Society of Computer Aided Surgery

The 27th Annual Congress of Japan Society of Computer Aided Surgery (JSCAS2018) was held at Nara Prefecture Cultural Hall from November 9 to 11. Our program had an academic prototype exhibition and an organized symposium in addition to oral/poster presentations by our research groups.

At our academic exhibition booth, prototypes of surgical simulators, Bionic-EyE and Bionic-Brain, were exhibited during the congress. These prototypes were developed by our research groups led by Prof. Arai (Nagoya University, Pj.1).

The symposium “ImPACT Program: Bionic Humanoids Propelling New Industrial Revolution - Achievements and Future,” was organized by our program and held in the afternoon, Nov. 10. It started with the ImPACT program overview by our program manager Harada, who also served as the chairperson, and followed by presentations on the program’s achievements by Prof. Arai (Nagoya Univ., Pj.1), Prof. Mitsuishi (The University of Tokyo, Pj.2) , and Dr. Chinzei (AIST, Pj.1). Prof. Jinno (one of our program advisers) closed the symposium as a special speaker, mentioning future prospects.

  • Our exhibition booth overview

  • Symposium Presentation by Harada PM

  • Symposium Presentation by Prof. Mitsuishi

  • シンポジウム:Pj.2東大/光石教授の講演

  • Symposium Presentation by Dr. Chinzei

  • Symposium Special Speaker: Prof. Jinno