Systematic search for a new metabolic system control mechanism by means of advanced mass spectrometry techniques

Applied to Medicine to elucidate the biological effects of gas molecules in vivo

Systematic search for a new metabolic control mechanism; promotion and application of gas biology to Medicine

Gas molecules are the major matter that comprise outer space. Gases are floating in the form of lumps of ice in the ultralow temperature environment of space, but it is understood that they will someday be captured by gravity. The ice will evaporate and become comets with tails, some of which will collide with planets to supply carbon, the source of life. From microorganisms to mammals, some of the gas molecule-mediated bio control mechanisms retain their primitive forms while others have undergone a drastic evolution, been preserved, and are utilized. This project aims at elucidating the full profile of such workings to utilize "the wisdom of life" to serve in controlling human pathology.

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Clarifying how gas molecules in vivo contribute to the metabolism of the organisms, with the aim of creating technology to control cellular functions and applying it to Medicine. Three research groups will combine their respective expertise and attempt to pioneer new areas in the future of gas biology. Our research laboratory vigorously introduces the most advanced experimental and research equipment to fully uses them for research and development as well as for verification of theories.
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Our laboratory members consist of researchers from diverse professional fields while utilizing state-of-the-art technologies to find practical applications of gas biology from a wide range of perspectives.

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