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Molecular Biology

  • Electrophoresis Apparatus (One Dimensional):

    (Right) 2 Series of Mini Gel Slab Electrophoresis Apparatus by Constant Thermal Type
    (Nihon EIDO)

    (Left) Mini PROTEAN Tetra Cell

    Proteins are separated each other by their molecular weights.

  • Electrophoresis Apparatus (Two Dimensional):


    Proteins are separated each other by their isoelectric points.

  • Image Analyzer : LAS-4000 IR multi

    It takes an image of proteins or nucleic acids on a gel separated by electrophoresis.

  • (Left) Phosphorimager : Pharos FX Molecular Imager

    (Right) Gel Spotter : EXQuest spot cutter

    Proteins separated by electrophoresis in a gel are detected with fluorescence. And, bands or spots of proteins are cut.

  • (Left) High-Speed Micro Centrifuge :
    himac CF16RXII


    (Right) Micro Ultracentrifuge :
    himac CS100GXII


  • Chromatography Systems :
    ÄKTA explorer 10S (with Frac-950)

    (GE Healthcare)

    This is a system for purification of proteins by various types of columns.

  • Multichannel Luminescence Microplate Reader :
    SpectraMax L

    (Molecular Devices)

  • Absorbance/Fluorescence
    Multi-Mode Microplate Reader :
    Spectra Max M2e

    (Molecular Devices)

  • Clean Bench : NS-10B

  • Constant Low Temperature Chamber : FMS-1000

    Multi Shaker:MMS-3010

  • Thermal Cycler : Veriti 200
    (Applied Biosystems)

  • Micro-Volume Spectrophotometer :
    Nanodrop 2000

    (Thermo SCIENTIFIC)

    Micro-volume samples (1μL) are measured.

  • Mass-Spectrometer :
    MALDI LTQ Orbitrap XL (ESI-exchangeable interface)

    (Thermo SCIENTIFIC)

    Measurement of a precision molecular weight can be performed, and both MALDI and ESI can be used as an ion source. Protein is mainly analyzed.

  • Ionic channel analyzer:
    Ionovation Compact


    This is used for to investigate the behavior of ionic channel in lipid bilayer membrane.