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Cell Biology

  • Clean Bench : NS-13B

    This is an apparatus for conducting biological experiments in sterile condition, therefore contamination of microorganisms can be cut off.

  • CO2 Incubator : MCO-20AIC

    It is an apparatus for cultivating cells to use in experiments, in moderate condition.

  • Routine Inverted Microscope : DM IL LED, EL600

    This is a routine inverted microscope which can be used for differential phase, differential interference and fluorescence observation. It is mainly used for observation and imaging of cultivated cells.

  • Flow Cytometer : FACS CantoTM II

    This is an apparatus which can separate and analyze each cell, and can measure the size of cell or the expression amount of a specific protein.

  • Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope : LSM 710

    It is a microscope for analyzing the behavior of the fluorescent-labeled compound or protein as a photograph or an animation.

  • Laser Raman Microscope : Ramanfluo
    (Nanophoton co. Ltd.,)

    It is a laser Raman microscope system. A molecule in sample is identified by Raman scattering light, and its two dimensional distribution is gained.

  • Non-Linear Raman Microscope (Osaka University)


  • Raman Microscope (Osaka University)