Application Design Group

グループリーダー 川原 圭博


In the field of telecommunications, its system architecture has always been co-evolving in responding to the needs of application and society. The Application Design Group is exploring to solve issues in the society elegantly by utilizing numerous cutting-edge seeds technology. We are strategically creating a new wave of the next core technology in the near future.

無線電力 プラットフォームグループ
Untethered Power Platform Group

グループリーダー 高宮 真


This group is developing technologies of energy harvesting and wireless power feeding in order to realize IoT devices in the Universal Information Network that is sustainably working without power source cord and changing battery. We are aiming to develop a truly independent system architecture with the efficient energy cycle. This leads to the future where people, things and IT are connected in a true sense.

Real World Systems Group

グループリーダー 新山 龍馬


This group’s challenge is to install robotic system created in a laboratory into real world out there. Our core theme is robotics. We are also exploring a possibility of robotic systems that is first enabled by digital fabrication and wireless electricity feeding. We are interested in adding mobility and flexibility to static materials and sensors that is leading to develop soft robotics. Researching organic creatures and eco-systems is our inspirational resource.

インタラクティブマター & ファブリケーショングループ
Interactive Matter & Digital Fabrication Group

グループリーダー 筧 康明


Due to the development of display technology, physical world and digital world are superposed and the boundary between them has been blurring more. Our group is not only superposing but also intervening physical world which is composed of artificial and natural materials, and making malleable change on it and its interactions. For that purpose, we develop a material, core technology and manufacturing method. We also explore their applications. Our key words are: interactive matter, interactive fabrication, bio-hybrid interface, etc.