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Structured Annotations for 2D-to-3D Modeling


We present a system for 3D modeling of free-form surfaces from 2D sketches. Our system frees users to create 2D sketches from arbitrary angles using their preferred tool, which may include pencil and paper. A 3D model is created by placing primitives and annotations on the 2D image. Our primitives are based on commonly used sketching conventions and allow users to maintain a single view of the model. This eliminates the frequent view changes inherent to existing 3D modeling tools, both traditional and sketch-based, and enables users to match input to the 2D guide image. Our annotations---same-lengths and angles, alignment, mirror symmetry, and connection curves---allow the user to communicate higher-level semantic information; through them our system builds a consistent model even in cases where the original image is inconsistent. We present the results of a user study comparing our approach to a conventional "sketch-rotate-sketch'' workflow.


Yotam Gingold (NYU / JST ERATO), Takeo Igarashi ( University of Tokyo / JST ERATO), Denis Zorin (NYU)
In Proceedings of SIGGRAPH Asia 2009, Yokohama, Japan, December 2009.

movie: YouTube
additional modeling sessions: Making Man on Arrow (32M) |  Making Kat Girl (101M)
user study data: figures (PDF)

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