Harmony of Gröbner bases and the modern industrial society

Computational Mathematics Group

Nobuki TAKAYAMA (Group Leader/Kobe University)
Masayuki NORO (Kobe University)
Masatoshi NOUMI (Kobe University)
Akiko TAKEDA (Keio University)
Tatsuyoshi HAMADA (Fukuoka University)
Homepage of Computational Mathematics Group

This group (computational approach) studies mathematical algorithms and implementations on Grobner basis and related areas. In order to spread our ideas as fundamentals of the modern industry, we will provide software, documents, and integrated environments based on our researches. We think that the next generation of mathematical software is an integrated environment of software, documents, thinking tools, and books. Expert systems on several problems should also be integrated in this enviroment. KNOPPIX/Math is a desktop environment developed with this architecture, but the integration with documents, books, and expert systems has not yet been acomplished. We will improve or create several expert systems based on Grobner basis computations and also provide a prototype of an integrated enviroment of the next generation. We will publish a book which explains theory, application and computation of Grobner basis with this prototype. We hope that this book with software systems is a good introduction to scientists and engineers who work in several areas including clinical testing and designs of experiments.

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