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Prospects of Pure Mathematics

Team Members

Takayuki HIBI (Osaka University) Team Leader
Hidefumi OHSUGI (Rikkyo University)
Akimichi TAKEMURA (The University of Tokyo)
Satoshi AOKI (Kagoshima University)
Nobuki TAKAYAMA (Kobe University)
Masayuki NORO (Kobe University)
Tatsuyoshi HAMADA (Fukuoka University)

Research Theme

Harmony of Grobner bases and the modern industrial society

It brings positive contribution of mathematics for solutions of social difficult problems to investigate harmony of the theory of pure mathematics that developed highly and the forefront of technology in the modern industrial society. Our research group consists of algebraists, computer scientists and statisticians who engage in the research of Grobner bases, a trendy topic of modern mathematics. Our goal is to make the progress of the theory together with the development of the algorithm in order to answer the request of realistic questions as well as to apply the latest theory of Grobner bases to the forefront of technology.


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