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Animal Locomotion

Team Members

Ryo KOBAYASHI (Hiroshima University) Team Leader
Toshiyuki NAKAGAKI (Future University Hakodate)
Akio ISHIGURO (Tohoku University)

Research Theme

Innovations in controlling hyper redundant and flexible systems inspired by biological locomotion

Our goal is to develop truly biomimetic robots that exhibit life-like agile and supple locomotion under real world constraints, endowing robots with (very) large degrees of freedom. In order to achieve this goal, we revisit and rethink the concept of autonomous decentralized control, and consider the way of control that allows robots to orchestrate and maneuver large degrees of freedom without impairing the adaptivity. One of the significant features of our project is that we intend to capture the control principle by greatly relying on mathematical modeling of various types of locomotion, ranging from amoeboid locomotion to legged locomotion.

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