[Hiromitsu Ohmori] Robust distributed optimal control for enabling approximately 75% penetration of wind and solar generation to electrical grids

Research Director

Hiromitsu Ohmori

Hiromitsu Ohmori

Keio University




The goal of this project is to develop and experimentally demonstrate a robust distributed optimal control algorithm that enables approximately 75% penetration of wind and solar generations to electrical grids. Two major challenges in achieving this goal are 1) the risk of supply-demand imbalance due to the significant uncertainty in wind and solar generations and 2) the highly distributed nature of wind and solar generations, which requires a large-scale distributed optimization. We overcome the first challenge by employing a stochastic constrained optimal control approach based on probabilistic models; the second challenge is addressed through a two-layer approach that consists of a local optimizer for each consumer and a global optimizer for a market. Finally we demonstrate the proposed algorithm using both numerical simulations and an on-campus test bed.

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